National Consumers Benefits Association


The National Consumer Benefits Association (“NCBA”) health care solution is made up of 2 separate components that can provide a complete health care coverage plan.  The components include offerings from:

  • Apex Management Group (Component 1)
  • Sedera Health Medical Cost Sharing (Component 2)

These plans are available through membership in the NCBA to:

  • Small Groups (as long as the employer joins the NCBA a group can be as small as one (1) employee
  • Self Employed and 1099 Individuals

The NCBA member has the ability to pair (“choose”) the benefits that best fit their health care needs and budget. A member must purchase an Apex Management Group plan before they can add on additional services from Sedera.  The initial Apex product purchase also includes an individual’s membership in the NCBA.

Apex products, when paired ("combined") with Sedera Health Medical Cost Sharing will provide a very comprehensive health plan solution at substantially less cost than a conventional group health insurance plan.

The possible pairing options are:

  • An Apex product only
  • Apex and Sedera

No matter what plan(s) a members chooses, all products are conveniently and efficiently administered on one platform. One plan document covers both options being delivered through the NCBA platform.

The pricing and health care coverage for each of the 2 NCBA components are below. Further details are also available in the Consumer Proposal in the Document section. 

State Availability

The NCBA health care solution is not available to members in AK, IL, MA, ND, NY, and VT.

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Apex HDHP Basic MEC and Advantage Plan
For Basic Health Care Needs (Required Purchase)
HMA Solution
For Catastrophic and Unforeseen Health Care Needs (Optional Purchase)