Elevate Wellness Association Solution

The Elevate Wellness Association Solution for the Self-Employed - Coming Soon!

The Elevate Wellness Association Solution is designed to address the comprehensive healthcare needs of Self-Employed individuals.   This cost effective healthcare solution will be available to self-employed individuals through an Association membership.  Formed prior to 1993, the association now serves over 80,000 individuals.  For years the association has been dedicated to the health and wellness of employees at small and midsize companies, and now, has a solution available for the self-employed.

The Elevate Wellness Association Solution uses the power of its group buying (over 80,000 members) to offer benefits that previously were not available to the self-employed and at rates that are substantially lower than those plans purchased on an individual basis.

This health care solution will be available by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2019, and will include a generous hospital indemnity plan.

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