Association White Label

Is your Association looking for a unique way to increase your membership?

It is no secret that health care costs have skyrocketed. As a result of an Executive Order Signed by the President of the United States in 2018, access to association health plans was expanded which allow small businesses to band together and collectively purchase health care.

How would your association like to offer an Affordable and Comprehensive health care solution that is often 50% or less than a Marketplace Plan?

Apex Management Group can deliver the solution, and White Label (“rebrand”) it for your association.

The White Label solution involves “pairing” the following product components to offer a comprehensive health care solution for association members.

The Association White label can accommodate Small Groups, Self Employed Individual, and 1099 Individuals.

State Availability

The Association White Label solution is not available to Association members in AK, IL, MA, ND, NY, VT.

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Component 1:  Apex Management Group Products

These plans would feature Apex products that can address the bulk of day-to-day health care inclusive of a plan with 100% coverage for Preventative Care, and small co-pays for Specialists, Urgent Care, Lab, Imaging and Prescription Drugs, as well as, another option that is HSA (Health Savings Account) compatible.

Component 2: Sedera Health – Medical Cost Sharing

Who says the only way to deal with major health care issues through an insurance company? People are frustrated with the lack of affordability, access and transparency. That’s where Sedera Health comes in.

Sedera Health and its members are focused on building a new kind of community, one centered on healthy living and sharing the cost of medical care. In doing so, Sedera provide a high-end health care experience, delivering tremendous value for members and their families. In the way that Uber changed transportation and Airbnb disrupted the hospitality industry, Sedera is turning the traditional health insurance model on its head with peer-to-peer medical sharing. With medical cost-sharing there isn’t a provider network. There isn’t an insurance company coming between you and your doctor. You share medical funds with like-minded people and receive premium care, through an organization run with compassion.


For more information contact:
David Shull, RHU, CBC
Director of Business Development and Broker Relations
Apex Management Group
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