Health Care Cost - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Apex Management Group has stated the obvious more than a few times that the cost of health insurance has been soaring.  Well, a picture is worth a thousand words.  The attached chart from “The Daily Shot” from September 12, 2019 shows the US CPI for Health Insurance is now approaching 20% year-over-year (2019-2020).  Apex health care solutions work, and are viable alternatives to traditional high cost, and high deductible health insurance.

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Credit: The Daily Shot
Newsletter by Lev Bordovsky

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This article points out the enormous growth in health care costs paid by both employees and employers over the past decade.  This has created a platform for some of today's biggest political debates as well as teeing up more problems for the future.  There are some signs that employers have maxed out their ability to shift costs to employees.

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A September 2019 Forbes Article by Bruce Japsen points out - "In 2017, 53% of doctors who responded to a mailed survey agreed that the ACA, “if fully implemented, would turn United States health care in the right direction,” according to the analysis. That compares with just 42% in 2012 so there was an 11 percentage point swing in opinion over five years."

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Telemedicine apps are thriving because working moms love the convenience of their smart smartphones.  The following article was published on (Jun 30, 2019).  Apex Management Group agrees with the benefits, convenience, and cost efficiency that telemedicine can bring to a health care plan.  


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The following article outlines the problems and frustrations many middle class employees have with the current state of health insurance in the United States.  (“Rising health insurance deductibles fuel middle-class anger and resentmentby Noman N.

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Apex Management Group plans provide cost effective access to urgent care facilities throughout the country.  The following article “Creating an urgent care first mindset for employee benefit” (Employee Benefit Advisor – July 8, 2019) addresses the quick access to health care and convenience provided by utilizing urgent care facilities.  Urgent Care can also help to minimize emergency room claims.   Apex plans save money by offering robust access to the services provided through urgent care.